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Heat pump dryers ensure efficient, gentle, controlled food drying , and hygienic conditions for safe dried food.

  • Superior Moisture Removing Rate 200liter-350liter per days. It would help you shorter the drying process time.
  • Complete with Handle and roll casters, You may easily move your machine to any site project without sweating.
  • A user friendly -Button interface . It can easily used by anyone. You just need to press few buttons only, and it will take away moisture
  • Continuous drain out option. Collected water can be automatically drained by attaching a hose to the unit.
  • Auto dehumidifying function. The dehumidifier will automatically control room humidity level to a comfortable range according to the room temperature.
  • On-off smart timer.
  • Automatic alarms of the electrical board, easily locate faults
  • Mechanical type auto control panel 1% RH, value set between 10% – 98%
  • International primary brands compressor, energy efficient, quietly operated
  • Hydrophilic coated evaporator large surface for high efficiency