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What does Qyantop company do?

Our company is a company integrating R&D, mass production, and sales of electrospinning equipment. Nanofibers produced through electrospinning equipment can be used in many industries, such as:

We are committed to making Malaysia’s micro-nano additive manufacturing technology and industry occupy the commanding heights in the world.

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What is nanoscience and technology?

Electrospinning technology is a one-dimensional nanofiber preparation technology. Its advantages are simple manufacturing device, low spinning cost, many types of spinnable polymers, and controllable spinning process.

What material is nanofiber and is it toxic?

Nanoscience and technology is the study of the properties and interactions of substances (including atoms and molecules) on the nanometer (1nm=10-9m) scale (between 0.1nm and 100nm), as well as multidisciplinary high-tech technologies that utilize these properties.

What nanomaterial are there?

Nanomaterials can be roughly divided into four categories: nanopowder, nanofiber, nanomembrane, and nanobulk.

What is near-field direct writing electrospinning principle?

In electrospinning technology, when the distance between collector and nozzle are controlled at the range of 0.5-5mm, with precious motion control, high-precision ordered nanofiber will be produced by direct writing.

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