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All-round electrospinning instrument introduction

Electrospinning instrument NM1 Pro is electrospinning equipment independently developed by Nanofiberlabs. The equipment is equipped with two sets of arrayed multi-needle nozzles and a large-width rotating drum collector, which has higher spinning efficiency and easier preparation of uniform nanofiber membranes.

Dual syringe pumps for conjugate spinning to prepare bicomponent micro/nanofibers. Precise temperature control and dehumidification, higher dehumidification efficiency. Be able to respond to the requirements of scientific research experiments and ensure the transformation of scientific research results.

Electrospinning equipment features

  1. 2 sets of 8-needle electrospinning spinnerets, higher spinning efficiency, and more uniformity;
  2. Two-group nozzle system, which can carry out conjugate spinning and easy preparation of composite structure nanofibers;
  3. Two types of electrospinning collectors; rotating drum collector effective width 400mm, diameter ø140mm; drum speed: 100-1500r/min adjustable; Flat collector: T type 400x250mm;
  4. High-precision temperature control and dehumidification, better dehumidification effect;
  5. Color touch screen integrated digital control system;
  6. Safe air intake and exhaust automatic device to protect human health;
  7. Optional special nozzles for rapid preparation of nanofiber membranes;
  8. Control experiment time, record and save experiment data.

Electrospinning equipment parameter

1. Positive and negative dual high voltage power supply:

(1) DC0~+50KV, current <1mA, input voltage AC220±10%;

(2) DC-30~0KV, current <1mA, input voltage AC220±10%.

2. Electrospinning Syringe Pump System:

(1) The liquid supply system is individually controlled;

(2) Support automatic liquid supply and manual liquid supply, and the liquid supply speed is adjustable.

3. Electrospinning Nanofiber Collector:

(1) Collection drum: effective width 400mm, diameter ø140mm; drum speed: 100-1500r/min adjustable;

(2) Flat collecting device: T type 400x250mm.

4. Electrospinning nozzle moving slide:

(1) Conjugate pair spinning X-Y-Z three-axis module, the spinning module can be adjusted at any angle;

(2) Y-axis automatic motion platform: reciprocating stroke 500mm; positioning accuracy ≤ 0.03mm;

(3) X-axis manual displacement spinning stroke range: 50-300mm;

(4) Equipped with 2×8 needle array electrospinning nozzle.

5. Electrospinning Environmental Control:

(1) Temperature adjustable, accuracy ± 1 ℃;

(2) Humidity control of dehumidification module, humidity control time ≤ 15min, 30%~room humidity;

(3) The exhaust time can be set, and the exhaust can be timed.

6. CNC operating system:

(1) Spinneret movement, liquid supply system control, heating control, humidity control, exhaust gas control, experiment timing control, and lighting and other components operation) and monitoring the status of each part;

(2) Set the spinning time, the experiment is more data;

(3) Automatic parameter recording and saving function, easy to compare test results;

(4) The exhaust time can be customized to ensure a stable spinning environment.

7. Security system

(1) Discharge short circuit protection;

(2) Running indicator;

(3) Safety signs;

(4) Leakage protection;

(5) Organic waste gas emission: avoid electric shock, fire, explosion, and other accidents caused by the accumulation of electric charge, and avoid the leakage of organic waste gas, which affects health;

(6) Inert gas access and control function.

Electrospinning machine E04 can be optionally matched with a nanofiber yarn system(Optional configuration). Equipped with a double spinning system, a high-speed rotating metal funnel, and a yarn winder. Nanofiber yarns with a certain degree of orientation can be prepared.

Electrospinning equipment features

  1. Collection winding device: winding speed: 0-1000r/min;
  2. Yarn winding device: Tension controller is adopted, the adjustment accuracy is 0.1N, and the winding tension is constant.

Electrospinning application

  • Face mask
  • Air filtration
  • Wound dressing
  • Biological patches, small-caliber stents, and other medical materials
  • Instant mask
  • High-temperature resistant materials
  • Battery separator
  • Waterproof and breathable membrane
  • Antibacterial and sterilization materials